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Internal audit is a dynamic profession that provides independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively Essentially, Internal Auditors help organisations to succeed.

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Event Details


IIA NZ Emerging Auditors Special Interest Group (IIA NZ EA SIG)

23 July 2024
9:00 am - 11:00 am
Level 6, 44 Bowen Street,
Delivery Method

IIA NZ Emerging Auditors Special Interest Group (IIA NZ EA SIG)


The IIA NZ Emerging Auditors Special Interest Group (IIA NZ EA SIG) serves as the mentorship forum integrated within the new IIA NZ Training Programme in collaboration with Massey University. It is designed as a hybrid event to accommodate emerging auditors, including students enrolled in our new training programme and our newly introduced student membership. This exclusive event is offered free of charge and is open to members only.

This exclusive forum tailored for emerging auditors seeking mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities in the field of internal auditing. This dynamic group meets quarterly, offering a blend of in-person and online sessions to accommodate participants from diverse locations. Through engaging discussions, expert insights, and collaborative interactions, members of the IIA NZ EA SIG gain valuable knowledge, skills, and resources essential for their professional growth and development.

Whether attending sessions in Auckland, Wellington, or virtually, emerging auditors can connect with peers, share experiences, and access a wealth of industry expertise. Join us and embark on a journey of learning, collaboration, and advancement in the world of internal auditing.

Who should attend?

We want to highlight that this group is geared towards emerging auditors, providing a platform where aspiring professionals can share insights and experiences as they navigate their careers in the field of internal auditing.


1. Mentorship Platform: The IIA NZ EA SIG functions as a mentorship platform aimed at facilitating knowledge sharing, professional development, and networking opportunities for emerging auditors.

2. Alignment with the IIA NZ Training Programme: The EA SIG activities are closely aligned with the objectives and curriculum of the new IIA NZ Training Programme developed in partnership with Massey University. The content and discussions within the EA SIG are tailored to complement the learning outcomes of the training programme.

3. Hybrid Event Format: The EA SIG adopts a hybrid event format to accommodate both in-person and virtual participation. This format ensures accessibility for emerging auditors across New Zealand, allowing them to engage with the EA SIG activities regardless of their location.

4. Inclusivity: The IIA NZ EA SIG welcomes participation from a diverse range of emerging auditors, including students enrolled in the new training programme and individuals who have recently entered the auditing profession or our new student members. It fosters an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and learning among participants from various backgrounds.

5. Free Event for Members: The EA SIG is offered free of charge to IIA NZ members. This ensures equitable access to professional development opportunities for all members and underscores the association's commitment to supporting the growth and advancement of emerging auditors within the industry.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 23 July 2024

Time: 9.00 - 11.00 am (hybrid event, a Teams online link will be provided)

Location: KPMG, Level 6, 44 Bowen Street, Pipitea, Wellington

Topic: Financial Stewardship

Host Sponsor: David Sutton, Partner - Risk Management and Internal Audit, KPMG New Zealand

Panel: James Poskitt - Director, KPMG and Neha Telang - Manager, KPMG


8.45am - 9am: Registrations open. Sign-in sheet for CPE.

9.00am - 9.30am: Light refreshment and networking

9.30am - 9.45am: Karakia. IIA NZ and KPMG welcome

9.45am - 10.30am: James Poskitt and Neha Telang Presentation - Financial Stewarship.

10.30am - 11.00am: Q&A discussion.

11.00 am: The event concludes.

This is a hybrid event.

Session Overview:

Financial Stewardship is a topic of huge relevance given today's challenges, where organisations are responding to economic challenges. As internal auditors, we have the opportunity to help our organisations navigate a fiscally constrained environment, with a heightened focus on effectively managing risk and cost pressures. Our profession has an opportunity to support the management of financial risks, while supporting our organisations achieving value for money.

The session will provide the opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of this long standing assurance topic alongside a more contemporary discussion linking value for money with cost management
  • Discuss the management of cost pressures and building the capability of short-term input cost management and long-term financial management.
  • Discuss vendor management with a lens of stewardship and driving sustainable value for both parties

What to expect?

Emerging Auditors who attend these quarterly sessions will have the opportunity to engage with and explore the following relevant and beneficial topics tailored to the audience of the IIA NZ Emerging Auditors Special Interest Group (IIA NZ EA SIG):

  • "Introduction to Internal Auditing": An overview of the internal auditing profession, its importance, and the role of internal auditors in organisations. Learn what the different is between being an Internal Auditor for one of the Big 4 vs a government agency or as a contractor.

  • "Career Aspirations and Insights from Experienced Auditors": Listen to firsthand experiences and insights shared by seasoned auditors, delving into their career journeys and the invaluable lessons learned in internal auditing. Explore the wide array of career pathways within internal auditing, uncovering potential opportunities for specialization and advancement. Gain insights into accessing and optimizing professional development resources and opportunities tailored for emerging auditors.

  • "Essential Skills for Internal Auditors": Identifying and honing essential skills and competencies required for success in the field of internal auditing, including communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills.

  • "Staying Abreast of Industry Trends": Keeping up to date with emerging trends, technologies, and regulatory changes shaping the landscape of internal auditing. At each group meeting, the facilitator will speak briefly on what is one of the critical areas that is top of mind, in the profession of Internal Auditing.

  • "Ethical Decision Making in Auditing": Understanding ethical considerations and dilemmas encountered in internal auditing and best practices for ethical decision-making. IIA NZ runs a Ethics training course online twice a year, refer to the events calendar for more information.

  • "Building a Professional Network": Strategies for establishing and nurturing professional relationships and networks within the auditing profession and why it's important. Tips and Strategies for Emerging Auditors - top 10 networking tips and 'that' elevator speech.

  • "Preparing for Professional Certifications": Guidance on preparing for professional certifications such as the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam, including study tips and exam preparation strategies. Understand the difference between the IIA NZ Training Programme and Global IIA qualifications.

  • "Mentorship and Career Guidance": Exploring the benefits of mentorship and seeking career guidance from experienced professionals in the field of internal auditing. Are you looking for a 1:1 mentor, how should you go about this.

In conclusion, the IIA NZ EA SIG endeavours to empower emerging auditors with the essential knowledge, skills, and networks needed to thrive in their careers and make meaningful contributions to the auditing profession in New Zealand. We look forward to welcoming to you this new initiative in 2024.

Registration Information:

Registrations for this event are through IIA NZ National Office. A light refreshment will be offered at the event.

Registrations for the IIA NZ Emerging Auditors Special Interest Group are now open and will close on Monday 15 July 2024.

IIA NZ Members: $FREE

This is a closed IIA NZ member's event. A minimum attendance of 10 people applies for this event, with a maximum of 30 people in person and unlimited online.

Save the Dates for Future Events:

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IIA NZ Event Overview and Refund Policy: https://iianz.org.nz/Site/terms-and-conditions.aspx

If you require assistance with registering, please contact events@iianz.org.nz

ÏIA NZ Member: Attending in-person
IIA NZ Member: Attending online

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