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What is internal audit?

Internal audit is a dynamic profession that provides independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively Essentially, Internal Auditors help organisations to succeed.

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From Monday, 2 October 2023, we have discontinued the availability of hard copy resources from the IIA NZ Library. Instead, we highly recommend that IIA NZ Members utilise The Institute of Internal Auditors Bookstore.

As IIA members, you will benefit from a 20% discount on publications, excluding those from third-party vendors.

This transition is designed to ensure that the information you access online is always up-to-date and directly relevant to your needs.

IIA NZ Library resources are available to members for loan free of charge. Members can borrow up to three books for six weeks. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the office with your inquiry.

A New Auditors Guide to Planning, Performing and Presenting IT Audits

Authors: Nelson Gibbs, Divakar Jain, Amitesh Joshi, Surekha Muddamsetti, Sarabjot Singh.

For Auditors looking at IT concepts which can be applied in a variety of environments. Based on IIA, ISACA and COSO guides and standards.

Keywords: Networks, operating systems, databases and applications.

Advancing Organizational Governance: Internal Audit's Role

Author Dean Bahrman, CIA, provides how to guidance and tools on Internal audits role in providing assurance design and operating effectiveness, key risks and audit steps to take when gathering evidence, using capability maturity models, managing risk, and other roles internal audit may fill.

Agile Auditing: Transforming the Internal Audit Process

Agile IA includes process improvements, team-based iterative planning, sprints (time-boxed work increments), daily stand-up meetings, project collaboration with stakeholders, and iterative releases of work products.

Assessing and Managing Strategic Risks

This book is designed to provide internal auditors with sound, practical advice that can better enable them to meet critical challenges and add this dimension to their existing risk assessment processes.

Audit Committee Reporting: A Guide for Internal Auditing

Author: Sally F. Cutler

A valuable resource covering audit planning, tracking, researching, operations and reporting along with explanations of strategies and examples.

Keywords: Reporting, auditing, planning, operations.

Auditing and Disruptive Technologies

Times are changing. Where there are challenges there are opportunities, but only if you embrace them. Disruptive technologies not only change the way companies do business, they have the power to transform business models, value propositions, supply chains, and customer relationships.

Auditing Compensation and Benefit Programs

Author: Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP.

An insightful books outlining best practices and risked when administering compensation and benefit programs. It offers samples and checklists and control matrices.

Keywords: Administration, salary, benefits, compliance, human resource management.

Auditing Human Resource, 2nd Edition

Author: Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP.

Described as an essential resource, this book delivers practical and technical operatives for the audit function to align HR functions to organisational goals and maintain legal compliance.

Keywords: Compliance, HR, training, development.

Auditing International Entities Handbook

Author: David O'Regan

Handbook discusses the risk, demands and challenges of auditing entities abroad. Provides checklists and a sample audit program.

Keywords: International, auditing, risks, strategies, checklists.

Auditing International Entities, 2nd Edition

Readers will find useful information on the risks and challenges of international auditing. This edition presents practical advice and contextual information for auditing international entities.


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