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Internal audit is a dynamic profession that provides independent assurance that an organisation's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively Essentially, Internal Auditors help organisations to succeed.

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IIA NZ Great Debater at Conference 2024 - EOI



Internal Audit Great Debater at IIA NZ Conference 2024 - Expression of Interest

Are you passionate about Internal Audit and enjoy a good debate amongst friends? Here’s your chance to showcase your expertise and influence the industry discourse at the IIA NZ Conference 2024!

We invite expressions of interest from individuals who:

- Have some experience in public speaking, debating, or presenting.

- Possess a good understanding of Internal Audit principles and current trends.

- Can articulate a persuasive argument with clarity and creativity and have fun doing so.

Debate Topic:

Survival or Revolution: The Battle Cry of Internal Auditors in an Age of Unprecedented Turbulence

The "The Great Debate: Internal Auditors' Ultimate Challenge" promises an engaging and competitive event where teams will present thought-provoking arguments on the ultimate challenge for Internal Auditors. Adding an element of excitement and impartiality, David Sutton will carefully evaluate the arguments presented by each team.

Two teams, each comprising seasoned professionals and thought leaders in the field of Internal Auditing, will engage in a riveting debate on the topic: "Survival or Revolution: The Battle Cry of Internal Auditors in an Age of Unprecedented Turbulence." One team will argue for the necessity of adaptability and evolution in the face of changing landscapes, advocating for revolutionary approaches to Internal Audit practices. The opposing team will champion the importance of staying true to traditional Internal Audit principles while navigating through turbulent times, emphasizing survival strategies grounded in resilience and steadfastness. The clash of ideas promises to be thought-provoking and enlightening, offering valuable insights into the role of Internal Auditors amidst dynamic and uncertain environments.

To express your interest, please email Sally Dunbar, IIA NZ CEO (ceo@iianz.org.nz) with a brief statement of your interest on being a valuable addition to the debate team, along with your CV. You need to be a current member of IIA NZ and are attending the conference.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 1 September 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your mark and engage with industry peers in a riveting debate setting!

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